About me

LOOP is a Portuguese brand and studio created in 2014. LOOP was born out of a passion for timeless design, quality and small scale manufacture. We believe that a good quality piece can last forever. 
Old weaving traditions and techniques are combined with contemporary design to create unique woven art. All our work is carefully handwoven in an ethical and sustainable way. 

Custom orders and wholesale enquiries are welcome.
We ship worldwide.
Feel free to contact us: info@loop-weaving.com

LOOP é uma marca Portuguesa criada em 2014. A nossa filosofia assenta no design, na qualidade e na produção em pequena escala. Contrariando a tendência de consumo massivo que vemos nos dias de hoje, acreditamos que uma peça feita com tempo e qualidade pode durar eternamente.
As técnicas antigas de tecelagem são aliadas ao design contemporâneo para criar peças de decoração únicas e 100% artesanais.

Teremos todo o gosto em criar uma peça personalizada para si. 
Contacto:  info@loop-weaving.com

Andreia Gomes is the creative mind behind LOOP Weaving Co., a self-taught weaver, compulsive maker and interior designer based in Portugal. Her work reflects her love for color, texture and natural fibers, resulting in unique wall art with both geometric and organic designs. She is also passionate about teaching and connecting with the weaving community resulting in her recently published book "Little Loom Weaving" (Ulysses Press, 2017).

Her work has been featured in Koel Magazine, Etsy, CYL Collective, Makers Movement, IKEA and more.