Little Loom Weaving book

Little Loom Weaving book

Creative new patterns and projects combine with classic techniques and 150 step-by-step photos for a trendy take on hand woven clothing and crafts.
When I started weaving a few years ago, there were almost no tutorials avaiable so I had to learn on my own. That was one of the reasons I wanted to write this book, and that's why I'm so happy to share my weaving passion with you all!!!

This book starts with an introduction to the materials, tools, and fibers. Then I guide you through the whole process, from warping your loom to the finishing touches, with a selection of weaving techniques. You will learn how to create shapes, and how to add texture to your piece, with using rya knots os loops for example, plus you will find a few useful tips that i'm sure will make your work easier. The last chapter includes 15 original projects, from wall hangings, pillows and wearable items to repurposed objects.

With this book, I also want to inspire you to create new things by showing the diversity of what you can make. 
There is no limit to what you can create with a simple loom, yarn and some creativity. Ready, set go!

You can find this book in several bookstores worldwide and online, for example, Barnes & Noble,  Amazon, Target, Book Depository, Powell's, Indie Bound.
Released in May 2017 by Ulysses Press.

    "Andreia Gomes has created a wonderful resource for a beginning weaver.  She states " This book is meant for everyone who wants to learn the fascinating art of weaving in a simple, fun, and modern way". This book accomplishes her goal."     Kathy, Goodreads

    "There are a bunch of new books out on tapestry weaving, and this is one of the good ones! Its well written and the explanations are clear and easy to follow, and while it serves to introduce the craft of weaving, it also gives a good grounding by introducing weaving terms, the rules of tapestry weaving and the basic stitches  used so that if you want to learn more, you will know what to call things and how to ask the right questions."    Caroline M. Alexander, Amazon