Weaving loom / Tear

Our looms are hand crafted in a small wood shop in Portugal. They are made from sustainable wood in small batches.
This loom is easy to assemble and very versatile. It comes with two standing legs so you can use it as a lap loom (without the legs) or as a standing table loom. The edges are smooth to ensure the warp won't slip while weaving.
It is perfect for begginers as well as intermediate weavers.
It also comes with a calico bag so you can carry your loom everywhere.

    38cm wide x 48cm long
    15" wide x 19"long

Warping area: 30cm x 40cm (12"x16")

Handcrafted by: Filipe Gomes
As this is a handmade product be aware that might be some slightly diference between each loom.

UNAVAIABLE at the moment.


Os nossos teares são fabricados em pequena escala e usando madeira sustentável.
Este tear é bastante versátil pois traz dois pés removíveis que permitem usar o tear na vertical assim como na horizontal (como se pode ver nas imagens). 
Este tear tem o design e dimensões perfeitas para quem pretende aprender a tecer.

Dimensões: 38cm x 48cm  
Area da teia: 30cm x 40cm 

Feito à mão por: Filipe Gomes
Sendo um produto totalmente feito à mão poderão existir ligeiras diferenças entre cada tear.

Produto Indisponível.

More information by email: info@loop-weaving.com